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Consulting Projects                                                  Review of Major Dams 

                                                                                    Member of  Panel of Expert of Major Dams       

The listing Is from most recent                                        The most recent listing is as follows 

Design of Teheran Tower Foundation, 430 m High      2003 Bakhtiari Dam a 325 meters high arch dam

Tower complex (34 stories), mat foundation designed        2002 Gotvand Dam a 170 meters high rock fill dam      

 ands settlement calculated, Tehran                                2001 Ghir Dam a 160 meters high arch dam

Silo 100000 ton Zahedan Geotechnical Design.                2000  Kosar Dam a 134 meters high gravity dam

Silo 100000 ton Ahvaz Geotechnical Design and             
And about 20 other dams

Complete Design of Izadkhast dam 35 meters high

Silo 100000 ton Kerrnanshah.

High rise tower ( 45 stories), mat foundation designed 

and retaining structure designed, Tehran.

Building, 8 story, Malyabad.
Building complex, Podonac.
Hospital complex, Abadeh.
Hospital extension, Shahid Beheshti, Shiraz.
Trade complex, Shiraz.
Hospital Complex, 200 beds, Marvdasht.
Bridge foundation, Kharamch.
Bazar, Shiraz.
High rise building, Shiraz.
Hospital complex, 96 beds, Jahrom.
Hospital complex, 69 beds, Yasul.
New municipality building, Shira.z.
Dairy products factory, Fars.
Water reservoir 2000 rn3 Mond.
Solar salt basins and dikes, Mahrloo.
Gas building complex, Shiraz.
Petrochemical industry tanks, Abdan.
Faculty of Science, Jahrom.
Roofed swimming pool complex, Shiraz.
Office buildings, Dasht Morghab.

8 story building, Shiraz.
Silo, Marvdasht.

Silo 100000 ton hamadan.

Silo 100000 ton Shiraz.

Building complex, Maliabad.

Preloading and sand drain, Sepanta, Ahvaz.

Gas pipeline, Now, Gilan.
Underpass, Shiraz.
Parking complex, Tehran.
Tank foundation, Lavan Island.
Preloading of Ahvaz building.
Parking complex, Ramazan, Shiraz.
Pile foundation evaluation, Iran.
Industrial complex, Irankansar.
Extension of university high school.
Extension of Nemazi hospital.
Hospital, Khalili, Shiraz.
Medical school, Shiraz.
Petrochemical industries.
School of arts and sciences.
Flour mill, Persepolis.
Hospital, Nemazi, Shiraz.
Hospital, 800 bed, Ahvaz.
Public health building, Shiraz.
Insurance company, Shiraz.
Vetenary hospital, Bajgah.
Extension of natural history museum.
Medical school, FAA.
Camping complex, Bushier.
Diversion canal, Dehnou.
Hospital, Lar.
University gymnasium.
University club.
Bridges on gharagahj
Bridges on Nazaraghali.
Bridge on river Mashayekh.
Diversion dam, Borazjan.
Pumping station for Fars.
Fish industry, kapourmahian
Museum of natural history.
Bridges on Shour and Moud.
Gas pipeline route.
Petrochemical Industry, Shiraz.
Hotel Sahara, Bushehr.
Regional power company,
Housing for Bank Shiraz.
Bridge on Shiraz river.
Apartment complex of Shiraz University.
Petrochemical com mpany, Pasar gad. Bus terminal, Shiraz.
Engineering building, No. 3.
Golnemanow products.
Iran-Japan bank.
Electronic Educational Institute.
Telecommunication, Shiraz.
Electronic industry.
housing complex.
Transformer building.
University High school.
Tire company, Dena.
Theological complex.
Sport complex.
Plastic Institute.
Engineering Building No. 2.
Physiotherapy building.
University warehouse.
Theological complex, Shiraz.